China: Emerging Travel Hub In Asia

The world is getting smaller and smaller as the days go by. This is all due to technology and the power of the Internet. You’d often see photos and videos of various to-die-for places on social media and some even have corresponding budget travel packages for people who’d rather take the journey and make more happy memories in life than watch people live their lives to the fullest on the sidelines. And with the help of the web, ordinary tourists can make their way on various travels without ever needing professional help from travel agents.

And if there is a country worthy of being on anyone’s travel list, it has to be China. With a vast land area and numerous attractions to visit, you’ll never run out of ideas when traveling there. The Chinese economy is flourishing and it’s not just about making money on traditional industries, a lot of the money pouring into China also comes from tourism, both local and foreign tourists.

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China In Growing Conflict With North Korea

What used to be allies may soon be fast enemies. China and North Korea have been diplomatic allies for decades. They share the same uptight quality most Chinese and North Korean people possess and both have been a mystery to the world for a long time, although China stepped out of the dark and into the light and opened its doors to the rest of the world for quite some time now. Meanwhile, North Korea remains to be out of touch with reality and so little is known about what really goes on in this tiny yet proud nation.

However, not all good things last. China and North Korea may have enjoyed a friendly relationship in the past but that is gradually changing as China is increasingly worried about North Korea’s active and highly dangerous missile program. China is more vocal now about their concerns and this has not escaped the attention of the public. But the gradual severing of ties that is happening now between these two nations isn’t something new but actually started in 1992 when China established diplomatic relations with the home of the KWave, KPop and …

How Terrorism Affects Travel

The world is a big place that you lose a lot of opportunities in learning a new place, language, and culture by just staying in one place for the rest of your life. The love for travel is made more popular these days thru social media. The web is a great place to see different places that it ignites a deep yearning in you to go out there and see the big wide world for real.

There are many beautiful and amazing natural attractions in different parts of the globe. The biggest challenge here is money. Of course, you pay for airfare, food, and accommodation. Even backpackers shell out a small amount to get from one place to another. After all, almost everything has a price now that you can seldom avail of anything for free. Another major issue that affects travel today is the threat of terrorism. Terror acts happen everywhere it’s difficult to tell where they will strike next. It’s a major consideration when you plan for your next travel getaway although some aren’t deterred by these travel alerts or bans at all.

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The China-Australia Row

Not all nations go along with each other very well. Others are civil while a few are at war. Our modern world is continually in conflict with one another albeit in a subtle way. World War 3 may not have been declared yet but various wars and conflicts are happening all over the globe without the knowledge of everybody. Even the bigger and more powerful nations aren’t exempt and are in a row now with one another for various reasons too.

Aside from news on terror attacks and more terror attacks happening in different nations the world over, conflicts over political espionage is arising between the superpower that is China and the continent nation of Australia from down under. Any nation, no matter how big or economically prosperous it is, has to interact with other nations for trade or for other reasons. That’s how global modern life works but chaos ensues when this sense of balance is tarnished. The truth is, 34% of Australian exports (energy products and services and animal produce) go to China. Even the Chinese likes to invest in the Australian market with over $80-billion in …

Venezuela Turns Down Foreign Aid

Powerful nations like the United States extend a helping hand to struggling third-world nations more often than not. Many of these countries don’t have access to the most basic of services, leaving their citizens impoverished and suffering in times of crisis. At times, it is the government’s fault why the country can’t meet the needs of the people. Poor economic management has led to soaring inflation and an epidemic shortage of food and medicines badly needed by the people.

It’s what happened to the socialist country that is Venezuela even though theirs is a country naturally rich in gold and oil. People die even from the most minor of injuries and medical conditions. Unfortunately, instead of accepting help, the Venezuelan government refuses foreign aid much to the horror of its suffering constituents. And the situation will probably worsen than it already is because the possibility of electing a new leader this coming election won’t likely happen with the stronghold of the current administration that is still currently actively seeking out and persecuting those who protests under the current Maduro administration.

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Demand For Industrial Robots Increases In China

China is a known global superpower. With the second biggest economy in the world, you don’t need to think long enough to determine where all this money comes from. China’s economy is mainly driven by its manufacturing industry. If you look at many of the products you now have in possession, a lot of them are probably “Made in China”. But since change is the only permanent thing in this world, China is embracing this reality and will do its best to ensure that they stay on top of the manufacturing industry for a long time regardless of the changes around them.

China intends to do this with the help of industrial robots. Known for their cheap labor and harsh working conditions, the Chinese government no longer has to deal with these allegations by using robots instead of human workers. If there is a downside to this trend, though, it’s that some of the impoverished Chinese laborers will lose work to these efficient inanimate objects over time.

China is the buyer of 27 percent of the world’s industrial robots. As the country presses full steam ahead with manufacturing automation, the

Chinese Economy On The Rise

It is no longer unknown to many what an emerging superpower China has become, not only to Asia but to the whole world. The Chinese economy is on an upward momentum and is only the beginning of many more good things to come for China. Even Western countries are surprised at how steadily China’s economy kept on going up without showing signs of ever slowing down.

Many of the world’s economies suffered badly over the last few years. The United States is not an exception. The U.S. itself suffered badly from the last recession and is still recovering. While how the U.S. economy will fare is still a mystery to everyone as doubts about Trump’s capability in leading the country to greatness fills the minds of many and his first few policies continue to divide the country, China is stronger than ever and has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

China’s economy stormed back in the first quarter, clocking its first back-to-back acceleration in seven years and bolstering the global growth outlook just as signs of subdued consumer spending have surfaced in the U.S.

The Chinese economy accelerated to a better-than-expected 6.9 per

Religious Repression In China

The topic of religion has sparked countless debates and even fueled many wars over the centuries. Alliances were either formed or broken because of religious conflicts from one nation to another. And while this no longer comes as a surprise to many, there is no religious freedom among the many citizens of China. We all know what an authoritarian state China is. It means that the government is strict in enforcing stringent rules that most of the time does not make sense to the rest of the world.

With one of the earliest civilizations in the world, China has been through a lot over the years. These three religio-philosophical traditions have endured the most and among the most practiced by the Chinese: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. They also helped shaped the modern Chinese culture we now know. Yet despite the many changes in Chinese society and to the world at large, the Chinese government tries their best to resist these changes, so that every citizen obeys the law and they can rule the land however they please. Many cases of human rights abuse are reported and among them is the …

No Freedom On The Web For The Chinese

The Internet is limitless in a way. You can do so much without having to go far physically. The World Wide Web serves as the portal to unlimited possibilities and you are free to explore it whether for work or for fun. And that is the case for the majority of the people who are free to use the Internet without any limitations. However, that is not the case if you live in China because of the government’s extreme Internet censorship. You don’t have access to lots of content that other Internet users across the world can view on the web.

This totalitarian approach is the Chinese government’s way of limiting Western influence over its people. The Chinese obey their laws no matter how outrageous they may be. They are also stripped of many rights that are otherwise enjoyed by the majority of the people all over the world. If they have free access to the web, they will realize that life in China is not normal and that their human rights have been violated for a long time now. It may trigger dissent and encourage more people to protest …

The Chinese Educational System: Successful Or Failing?

For many people, education is the key to uplifting their lives. This belief is especially true among the poor and the impoverished that lacks material wealth and opportunities. They see education as the tool to open their doors for a better life in the future. And that is true. Educated people have higher chances of landing stable and better-paying jobs. However, competition in the global marketplace is tight and even college graduates struggle in looking for jobs despite having their diplomas.

China is the economy driver in the world for years now. As we all know, a big majority of the goods sold in the market today are made in China. Chinese factories and production lines are sought after by foreign investors, businessmen, and companies because they get to save a lot of money by hiring cheap Chinese laborers. However, things are changing now as the middle class is rising and more and more Chinese families are growing in affluence. And partly, education is responsible for this positive change in the Chinese landscape. However, is too much education depriving young kids of their chance to enjoy their childhood or is …