Trading With China Gone Amiss

The world is a big place that the majority of us should learn to get along well with others if we don’t want conflict or want things to go in our favor. It’s like a fact of life and something we all observe for the longest time. However, our modern world is full of complexities that have made communicating with one another a bit more difficult. It is a must since we trade with the world at large. However, humans are just as complex as the world we live in. Or rather, human relations. The US and China are undeniably the biggest and strongest economies in the world today yet the two haven’t always seen each other eye-to-eye. Their many disparities are the reason why the two are facing another major rift that will likely impact the world at large.

Under President Trump’s leadership, relations between the two countries did not improve but actually worsened over the past year. The world is not new to the US president’s unusual behavior and his way with words as we have witnessed how he led his personal life in the past and …

On The Verge Of A Major Trade War

Achieving some sort of balance has always been mankind’s goal but it seems it borders next to impossible as the world had always been on some sort of unrest but civilized enough to let society function. Heck, even the worst server crash will be recovered thanks to companies like these. More often than not, it has always been powerful countries involved as has been the case in human history. The weaker ones get conquered by the stronger nations. Yet despite our modern advancements and most agreed-upon pacts an agreements among one another, conflict may still arise and trigger a modern-day trade war, in this case, between powerhouse nations, the US and China.

President Donald Trump has quite a flamboyant personality and his antics often scream he is up to no good but it is a different story now that he is the highest elected official in the land of Uncle Sam. His words and decisions not only affect American citizens but most likely the rest of the world too as world trade is a crucial concept that makes the world go round and if issues arise, it may have …

Reducing Students’ Study Load

Wherever you live in the world, we all know the value of education. Just like health, it is the only gift that will last you a lifetime. After all, you are never too old to learn and you need to learn as much in order for you to do well in life and in your chosen career. Getting an education is no longer just an assurance that you can land a great job after college since many also hold a degree now but what counts most is how efficient you are in doing your body and how good you are in doing a lot of things, which is often not solely learned inside the classroom but a mix of in-class and real-world learning and experience. And no other is so hardworking when it comes to studying than the Chinese. China is known for their high regards for education and learning as a whole.

Young students in their country take studying really seriously as their parents have taught them the value of education and how vital it is to their future success. As if studying in school for the entire day …

Chinese Art In The Modern World

Progress did not just solely come from the West. China has long been the cradle of Asian civilization and it is visible in the countless works of art and historic pieces that speaks so highly of the country’s rich history and culture that has spanned centuries. Even today, China is still a force to reckon with in the global arena. Simply just look at where most products are made and you’d see them labeled as “Made in China” and it is easy to see how much influence The Land of the Red Dragon still has over the rest of the world. If that’s the case, it is still possible for Chinese Art to gain international recognition for being classic masterpieces that they are.

Not only is the government determined in preserving their rich culture but even private individuals with a lot of cash to burn take part in the initiative to protect Chinese contemporary art for the generations to come. Philanthropists like Adrian Cheng is surely able to do this impossible feat as he is backed by his multi-billion businesses in jewelry and real estate. He has long set up …

Do Not Disregard Mental Health

We’ve heard it time and again that health is wealth. It’s essentially the only thing that will last you a lifetime. You only have one body after all. How you take care of yourself and live a healthy life can likewise determine the quality of your life in your lifetime. However, there is one aspect of human health that is seldom talked about – mental health. A person’s mental well-being is just as important as his/her physical health and we shouldn’t even be arguing about it at this point. When ignored or not cared for properly, a poor mental state can cause various problems in life not only to your health but also your relationships with others.

You’d be surprised to find out that the state of your mind can have a big impact on your body. But it is not surprising to see someone fall ill when they are constantly stressed, losing sleep and worried about a lot of things all the time. You’d notice that you tend to lose weight, get dark circles under your eyes and feel anxious and fidgety all the time when something is bothering …

Students Lead Social Changes

Free speech and democracy have long been enjoyed by the millions of people in the country but it hasn’t always been like that. There was a time when only a handful enjoyed certain privileges while the rest suffered in poverty and slavery. But over time and countless blood, sweat and tears of brave and selfless people, almost equal rights are now enjoyed by all. Take note, almost. While we seem to enjoy most of our human rights nowadays and take for granted the heroic bravery of our forefathers for us to be able to enjoy all these things, there are still a few vulnerable groups in society that don’t get to enjoy all these things like the rest of us.

Students get an education to learn crucial life and professional skills but they also learn about these inequalities and injustices in life. And with their idealistic point of views, it no longer comes as a surprise to see them fighting for various causes and leading up activist groups. The country is quite familiar with student activism and has seen our fair share of peaceful or violent protests in the student’s …

The Threat Of Global Warming

While the rest of humanity is busy polluting and abusing the world’s natural resources, there are actually sensible and responsible individuals who busy themselves with environmental issues like global warming and climate change. This issue is no longer just a concept that scientists talk about themselves but a global reality faced by all. But how much do we really know about this phenomenon? Can we still take more of nature’s wrath or are our previously undertaken initiatives in slowing down its progression now finally paying off?

For decades, scientists and other experts concerned with the state of the environment work hand in hand to gain a better understanding of our planet, the changes that are taking place in it, and what specific human activities contribute to nature’s deterioration. And thanks to them, we know more information now than we did several years back. The extent of the damage may have been a lot now but there is still time to clean up our act as what recent discoveries claim to be.

Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have

Understanding Life On Earth Through A Look In The Ocean

Nature is such a mysterious force. We like to think we know everything about it since we live and breathe it every day but we are actually mistaken. We are often caught off guard by its force every time a major natural calamity strikes but what we fail to realize is that we are big contributors to the changes that are happening in the environment right now. And you do not have to look far for you to see just how much our planet is suffering just so we can continue to live in utter comfort and convenience.

It is perfectly understandable that what we see first and give more importance to are the things that we see on land because it is our home, our safe haven. Yet we forget that the world is actually made up of ¾ water, and with water, it means the ocean. To find out just how badly us humans are treating this planet, head out into the ocean and see the many changes taking place right before your very eyes. It shows signs of human abuse and misuse of the world’s resources and …

Politics In Sports Is More Obvious Now

Living in a civilized society can be a drag sometimes because of too much politics in various aspects of our lives. Even families (especially big ones) have issues like this at times and what more in our surroundings. It is there in our workplace, school, and both private and public places we frequent. While some aren’t that pronounced, others can’t help but openly show and voice out their political opinions. However, there are areas or industries that try to be as neutral as possible. Ideally, the church should be one because of the separation of the powers of the church and the state aside from them supposedly being non-partisan.

Sports is another area that should be solely about sports only. This is the only avenue where they are supposed to highlight various sports events, sports personalities and athletes and their achievements, among others but it seems that the landscape has changed along with the times. Rather than talk about sports-related events and issues, sports outfits like ESPN are featuring more shows that are political in nature rather than sporty. Of course, there are people who like and dislike this change. …

The Double-Edged Sword That Is Modern Technology

Like with everything else in this world, technology can work for or against you depending on how it is used. While technology was likely envisioned to uplift the lives of everyone, it has many flaws that we are just starting to realize now that it appears that we are being controlled by it. Aside from the environmental damage many of its electronic parts are causing and the increased demand for energy that is probably contributing to climate change, human behavior has changed and people started to develop bad habits related to excessive tech use.

It is likely our lack of discipline that made us gullible to these new addictions or obsessions. Since we can’t seem to put our smartphones down and steer away from social media even for just a few hours, most of us tend to lose focus and forget what our life priorities are. And in that sense, technology becomes a double-edged sword that may bring about problems for us later on although we are not discrediting the benefits offered by technology altogether because in many ways it has made our lives easier albeit a little more complex …