Letter to Members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Urging it to Award Prize to Liu Xiaobo

To the Esteemed Members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:

More than thirty years ago “Charter 77” appeared in Czechoslovakia, and today three of the courageous people who drafted that milestone document have not forgotten a prisoner of conscience who sits behind bars in Liaoning, China.  The crime of Liu Xiaobo, for which he is serving a harsh eleven-year sentence, was that he participated in drafting and disseminating China’s “Charter 08,” a public call for respect for human rights, freedom, democracy, and constitutional government that was directly inspired by “Charter 77” and by other statements of internationally-recognized human rights.

The Chinese government’s stark repression of Liu shocked the world and has drawn many protests.  Most recently, on September 21, Vaclav Havel, Dana Nemcova, and Vaclav Maly, leaders of Europe’s “Velvet Revolution,” wrote a letter to your committee in which they referred to “Liu Xiaobo’s more than two decades of unflinching and peaceful advocacy for reform” and asked that you consider him for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Their letter rightly points out that to honor Liu Xiaobo with the Nobel Peace Prize would express the hope of the entire world that China, rather than falling into some kind of traumatic collapse, might achieve a peaceful transition to modern democratic government.  Havel, Nemcova, and Maly write that the Prize “would signal both to Liu and to the Chinese government that many inside China and around the world stand in solidarity with him and his unwavering vision of freedom and human rights for the 1. 3 billion people of China.”

China’s economy is growing rapidly, but its problems of corruption, injustice, social instability and popular protest are worsening just as quickly.  The ruling Communist Party, lacking balances of power and systemic restraints on power, and facing, as it does, a range of potentially volatile crises, has neither the will nor the ability to push for political reform.  Instead it reflexively crushes any effort toward reform that issues from below.  The international community, at an historical juncture such as this, would do best to invest the greater part of its concern and support on the side of the Chinese people and to concentrate its limited resources on supporting the strength of China’s civil society and nurturing its voices of reason.

We the undersigned strongly endorse the appeal that has come from the three Czech writers, who are also moral leaders of the world, and we join them in hoping that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will honor Liu Xiaobo and his ideals of peaceful political reform.  The honor would be a major contribution to world peace.  So long as the Chinese government continues to repress the rights of its citizens, the freedom and dignity of 1.3 billion Chinese will continue to suffer and problems will continue to worsen.  If China should collapse into violence, the entire world will feel the crash.  World peace without peace in China is hard to imagine.

September 22, 2010

Signatories, in the order in which the letter was signed (the last day for signing this letter was September 27):

Su Xiaokang (Freelance Writer, Delaware, USA)

Zhang Zuhua (Independent Scholar, Beijing, China)

Wen Keijian (Freelance Writer, Zhejiang, China)

Wang Debang (Human Rights Defender, Guangxi, China)

Yang Hai (Independent Scholar, Shaanxi, China)

Wan Yanhai (Public Health Expert, USA)

Li Xiaorong (Scholar, Maryland, USA)

Shen Chunli (Art Historian, Shanghai, China)

Liu Feiyue (Human Rights Defender, Hubei, China)

Ni Wenhua (Human Rights Defender, Shandong, China)

Sun Wenguang (Professor, University of Shandong, China)

Yang Kaixin (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Yong Zhiming (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Fan Hocheng (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Zhang Jiankang (Human Rights Lawyer, Shaanxi, China)

Yao Lifa (Election Expert, Hubei, China)

Zhang Shanguang (Civil Rights Activist, Hunan, China)

Li Jianjun (Freelance Writer, Hunan, China)

Chen Xi (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Xu Guoqing (Human Rights Defender/Business Owner, Guizhou, China)

Li Yuanlong (Human Rights Defender/Author, Guizhou, China)

Li Renke (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Ma Linli (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Shen Youda (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Zheng Ning (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Chen Defu (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Quan Linzhi (Human Rights Defender/Retired teacher, Guizhou, China)

Du Heping (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Wang Yuwen (Human Rights Defender, Yunnan, China)

Mo Jiangang (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Liao Shuangyuan (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Wu Yuqing (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Wu Yu (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Huang Yanming (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Tian Zhuxian (Human Rights Defender, Guizhou, China)

Che Hongnien (Human Rights Defender, Shandong, China)

Chen Wei (Human Rights Defender, Sichuan, China

Gu Chuan (Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Chen Tianshi (Christian Citizen, Beijing, China)

Liu Jie (Petitioner, Heilongjiang, China)

Wang Jinlong (Christian Citizen/Management Scholar, Beijing, China)

Zheng Dajin (Human Rights Defender, Hubei, China)

Pu Zhiqiang (Lawyer, Beijing, China)

Zhang Jianping (Human Rights Defender, Jiangsu, China)

Wu Huaying (Human Rights Defender, Fujian, China)

Li Xinai (Concerned Citizen, Beijing, China)

Ouyang Yi (Author, Sichuan, China)

Zhao Changqing (Author, Beijing, China

Jiang Lijun (Human Rights Defender, Liaoning, China)

Duan Qixian (Human Rights Defender, Guangxi, China)

Li Xiongbing (Lawyer, Beijing, China)

Li Jinfang (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Yeh Du (Author, Guangdong, China)

Zhang Zhiqiang (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Fan Yafong (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Deng Taiqing (Human Rights Defender, Shanxi, China)

Zhou Weilin (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Wang Lihong (Human Rights DefenderBeijing, China)

Liu Di ((Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Liu Shasha (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Chen Qinling (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Wang Jun (Lawyer, Beijing, China)

Chen Shuwei (Human Rights Defender, Guangdong, China)

Zhang Zanyu (Lawyer, Nanjing, China)

Bai Dongping (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Zhang Dajun (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Wang Guangze (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Liu Jinsheng (Human Rights Defender, Beijing, China)

Yang Zili (Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Zhang Hui (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Wang Dan (Former Leader in Tiananmen Student Movement, USA)

Hu Ping (Editor-in-Chief, Beijing Spring, USA)

Jiang Tanwen, (Freelance Writer, Shanghai, China)

Chen Long ((Freelance Writer, China)

Wen Yunchao (Internet Expert, Guangzhou, China)

Liao Yiwu (Author, Sichuan, China)

Tang Zhengguo (Teacher, USA)

Chen Pokong (Author, New York, USA)

Feng Zhenghu (Human Rights Activist, Shanghai, China)

Hao Jiang (Professor, Beijing Film Academy, China)

Teng Biao (Instructor, Chinese University of Politics and Law, Beijing, China)

Deng Huanwu (Democracy Activist, Chongqing, China)

Wang Ming (Democracy Activist, Chongqing, China)

Zheng Fuhong (Concerned Citizen, Chongqing, China)

Mu Jiayu (Concerned Citizen, Chongqing, China)

He Bing (Democracy Activist, Chongqing, China)

Lei Yuanhai (Democracy Activist, Chongqing, China)

Li Yunsheng (Democracy Activist, Chongqing, China)

Zheng Xianchi (Author, Chengdu, China0

Chen Yunfei (Human Rights Defender, Chengdu, China)

Yang Wenting (Democracy Activist, Chengdu, China)

Mo Zhixu (Internet Writer, Beijing, China)

Li Yu (Political Activist, Sichuan, China)

Xue Fei, (Concerned Citizen, Chengdu, China)

Ran Yunfei (Author/Editor, Chengdu, China)

Pu Fei (IT Professional, Chengdu, China)

Lu Qinfu (Author, Chengdu, China)

Chen Bing ((Democracy Activist, Sichuan, China)

Feng Yuxi (Human Rights Defender, Sichuan, China)

Wu Dengwei ((Concerned Citizen, Chengdu, China)

Wang Dalian (Concerned Citizen, Sichuan, China)

Zhao Yuanhui

Zheng Xuan ((Democracy Activist, Chengdu, China)

Li Shuande (Human Rights Defender, Chengdu, China)

Wang Chenming (Human Rights Defender, Sichuan, China)

Zhang Ming ((Democracy Activist, Chengdu, China)

Yuan Juan (Human Rights Defender, Sichuan, China)

Hu Gang ((Democracy Activist, Chengdu, China)

Liang Kaixuen ((Democracy Activist, Chengdu, China)

Zhou Zhigang (Teacher, Sichuan, China)

Ding Mao ((Democracy Activist, Sichuan, China)

Yu Wobo (Office Clerk, Sichuan, China)

Yin Xia (Freelancer, Sichuan, China)

Tian Hui ((Concerned Citizen, Sichuan, China)

Luo Shimo (Human Rights Defender, Sichuan, China)

Huang Xiaoqing ((Concerned Citizen, Shanghai, China)

Jin Guanghong (Lawyer, Beijing, China)

You Jinyou (Bridge Engineer/ Human Rights Defender, Fujian, China)

Zan Aizhong ((Freelance Writer, Hangzhou, China)

Wang Wusi (Freelance Writer, Hangzhou, China)

Yu Huaiqiang (University Professor, Hangzhou, China)

Fei Weidong (Freelancer, Zhejiang, China)

He Shiling (Entrepreneur, Zhejiang, China)

Hou Duoshu ((Democracy Activist, Sichuan, China)

Lu Dengchuan (Democracy Activist, Sichuan, China

Fang Yanqiong (Human Rights Defender, Fujian, China)

Perry Link (Professor, US)

Chen Cuide (Scholar/Editor-in-Chief, China in Perspective, USA)

Yu-sheng Lin (Professor Emeritus of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Michael Duke (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada)

Josephine Chiu-Duke (丘慧芬) (Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada)

Wu Janmei, Ph.D., Vancouver, Canada

Wang Juntao, Ph.D., Columbia University, New York, USA

Sunny Lo (International Trade Consultant, Canada)

Zhang Lung, Scholar, France

Yi Ping, Author, USA

Cai Chu (Journalist, USA)

Cai Shufang (Concerned Citizen, Hong Kong)

Yang Jianli (Researcher, Harvard University, USA)

Xu Wenli (Researcher, Brown University, USA)

Zhang Xiaogang (Freelance Writer, Australia)

Cha Jianying (Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Meng Huang (Painter, Germany)

Marie Holzman,China Scholar/Knight of the Legion of Honor,France)

Ai Xiaoming (Documentary Filmmaker, China)

Chen Chong (Engineer, Anhui, China)

Tang Li (Engineer, USA)

Su Yuanjen (Professor, Zhejiang, China)

Liu Shahe (Poet/Writer, Chengdu, China)

Wu Maohua ((Freelance Writer, Chengdu, China)

Li Su (Economy Analyst, USA)

Xu Hui (Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Hua Ze (Documentary Filmmaket, Beijing, China)

Hu Jinhong (Engineer, Zhejiang, China)

Wang Yin ((Concerned Citizen, Chongqing, China)

Gong Shengli (Economist, Guangzhou, China)

Hua Xia (Lawyer, USA)

Gu Xi (Editor, Zhejiang, China)

Ge Jianzhong (Concerned Citizen, Jiangsu, China)

Chu Yi (Human Rights Defender, Shanghai, China)

Xu Bo (Office Clerk, Yunnan, China)

Ma Xiao (Author, Beijing, China)

Guo Baofong (Translator, Fujian, China)

Zhang Jingang (Concerned Citizen, Heilongjiang, China)

Hu Ruichen (Human Rights Defender, Daqing China/New York, USA)

Yang Guang (Independent Scholar, Guangxi, China)

Ran Jie (Editor-in-Chief, Tiananmen Times, Australia)

Peng Xiaoming (Editor, Chinese European Post, Germany)

Han Wu (Chinese Democratic Party, Thailand)

Wang Yuming (Doctor, China)

Wang Youcai (Student, Illinois, USA)

Zhao Jingzhou (Victim of the Legal System, Heilongjiang, China)

Guo Dongcheng (Civil Rights Activist, Sweden)

Chen Huijuan (Human Rights Defender, Harbin, China)

Bing Lang ((Freelance Writer, Jiangsu, China)

Chen Yanchao (Author, Denmark)

Liu Yi (Artist, Beijing, China)

Guo Baosheng (Editor-in-Chief, Christian Justice Network, USA)

Hong Zhesheng (Editor-in-Chief, Democracy Forum, New York, USA)

Qiu Guoquan (Engineer/Author)

He Junqiao (Democracy activist, Hunan, China)

Liu Shaofu (Civil Rights Activist, Canada)

Guo Luoji (Senior Researcher, Harvard Law School, USA)

Lu Yi (Church Minister, Australia)

Li Juan (Concerned Citizen, Australia)

Zhao Dongming (Concerned Citizen, Australia)

Wang Changhe (Concerned Citizen, Hubei, China)

Yan Jiawei (Rightest Activist, Sichuan, China

Cai Yongmei (Editor, Open Magazine, Hong Kong)

Liu Yedao (Freelance Writer, Shaanxi, China)

Li Zhuojia (Concerned Citizen, Hunan, China)

Zhang Wei (Concerned Citizen, Guangxi, China)

Liao Zhifong (Publisher, Taipei, Taiwan)

Xu Zhiyong (Lecturer, Chinese University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China)

Zhao Dagong (Author, Shenzhen, China)

Zhang Jinjun (Entrepreneur, Shenzhen, China)

Liu Yiming (Freelance Writer, Hubei, China)

Shi Weijiang (Independent Scholar, New York, USA)

Zhang Yinan (Freelancer, Liaoning, China)

Wang Hongyan (Concerned Citizen, Guangdong, China)

Tao Jinshi (Independent Scholar, Shenzhen, China)

Zhang Mingshan (Freelance Writer, Shandong, China)

Dan Zhaozi (Independent Scholar, Shandong, China)

Hua Chunhui (Concerned Citizen. Wuxi, China)

Wang Yi (Human Rights Defender, Henan, China)

Da Er (Freelance Writer, New Tibetan)

Chen Xiaoshu (Democracy Activist, Ningxia, China)

Liu Wenshen (Concerned Citizen, Beijing, China)

Zhu Xinxin (Freelance Writer, Shijiazhuang, China)

Wang Guangqing (Concerned Citizen, Beijing, China)

Zhang Lingling (Designer, Beijing, China)

Xia Bingliang (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Xu Gaojin (Human Rights Defender, Jiangxi, China)

Wu Bowen (Concerned Citizen, Beijing, China)

Li Wang (Concerned Citizen, Jiangsu, China)

Huang Zhong (Freelance Writer, Hong Kong)

Zhou Jianfu (Teacher, Jiangxi, China)

Wu Gaoxin (Freelance Writer, Zhejiang, China)

Chen Longde (Political Dissident, Zhejiang, China)

Wang Donghai (Political Dissident, Zhejiang, China)

Zhao Wanming (Technician, Zhejiang, China)

Ye Wenxian (Political Dissident, Zhejiang, China)

Hou Bingcai (Democratic Activist, Beijing, China)

Wang Huating ((Concerned Citizen, Kunming, China)

Du Peng (Lawyer, Henan, China)

Lu Jin (Lawyer, Henan, China)

Zhang Xianyang (Scholar, Beijing, China)

Ding Yu (Teacher, USA)

Qi Jiajen (Freelance Writer, Australia)

Lin Mingming (Freelance Writer, Australia)

Gu Mingde (Freelance Writer, Australia)

Wu Sencheng (Freelance Writer, Australia)

Liu Xin (Lawyer, Australia)

Szeto Wah (Chairman, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement in China, Hong Kong)

Yu Jinshan (Chairman, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, New York, USA)

Li Hai (Political Dissident, Beijing, China)

Yang Kuanxin (Freelance Writer, USA)

Wu Renhua ((Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Xiong Yan (Church Minister)

Qing Jing (Vice-Chairman, Democratic Coalition of China, Australia)

Lu Honglai (Democracy Activist, Thailand)

Wu Jian ((Democracy Activist in Exile, France)

Mo Fongjie (Chairman, Democratic Coalition of China, Los Angeles, USA)

Pan Qing (Vice Chairman, Liberty Democracy Party of China, New Jersey, USA)

Liu Tai (Democracy Activist, Hong Kong)

Bei Ling (Writer/Poet, Boston, USA)

Örkesh Dölet (Democracy Activist in Exile, Taiwan)

Zhao Yan (Former reporter for New York Times, USA)

Wang Tiancheng (Human Rights Lawyer, USA)

Wang Shujun (Historian, USA)

Wang Weijung (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Kong Lingxi (Student, New York, USA)

Sun Yan (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Liu Guokai (China Social Democratic Party, New York, USA)

Liu Nienchun (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Liu Lu (Human Rights Lawyer, USA)

Li Jinjin (Lawyer, USA)

Song Shuyuan (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Lu Jinhua (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Yan Zi (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Tang Xuewu (Lawyer, USA)

Wei Haoyong (Democracy Activist)

Chen Lichun (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Shen Yuan (Democracy Activist, USA)

Jin Yan (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Zheng Ganqing (Coalition for Citizen Rights, USA)

Yi Gai (Democracy Activist in Exile, USA)

Wu Chunlai (China Democracy Party, East Cost, USA)

Zhao Xin (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Xian Xiaoji (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Guo Yanhua (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Gao Ping ((Democracy Activist, New York, USA)

Gao Guangjun ((Democracy Activist in Exile/Lawyer, New York, USA)

Yuan Bing (IT Professional, New York, USA)

Tang Yuanjun (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Tang Qihuang (Democracy Activist, New York, USA)

Cao Han (Coalition for Citizen Rights, New York, USA)

Cao Jintao (Coalition for Citizen Rights, New York, USA)

Dong Jueming (Democracy Activist, New York, USA)

Zheng Dajun (Democracy Activist, New York, USA)

Fu Shenping (Democracy Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Xie Weiqing (IT Professional, New York, USA)

Xue Wei (Manager, Beijing Spring, New York, USA)

Wei Quanbao (Activist in Exile, New York, USA)

Li Po (Concerned Citizen, Beijing, China)

Yang Fong (Office Clerk, Beijing, China)

Zhang Yongpan (Freelance Writer, Beijing, China)

Zhu Rui (Author, Canada)

Huang Wenjun (Concerned Citizen, Guangdong, China)

Yu Yuebo (Concerned Citizen, Sichuan, China)

Ding Shu (Teacher, USA)

Wang Yu (Journalist, New Tibetan)

Han Hua (Civil Rights Activist, Norway)

Liao Zibo (Office Clerk, Chengdu, China)

Wei Guohui (Freelancer, Fujian, China)

Wang Fan (Christian Citizen, Chengdu, China)

Mu Ziyan (Freelancer, Harbin, China)

Wu Yisan (Freelance Writer, Hong Kong)

Lu Zhifan (Concerned Citizen, Zhejiang, China(

Lin Cheng (Human Rights Defender, Fujian, China)

Lin Mingli (High School Teacher, Zhejiang, China)

Shi Weijiang (Independent Scholar, New York, USA)

Li Yiling (Student, Anhui, China)

Wang Weiwei (Student, Hebei, China)

Wnag Keizheng (University Student, Wuhan, China)

Peng Weihong (Christian Citizen, Germany)

Mary Lau MY (HK)

Li Zeming (Engineer, Hong Kong)

Tang Jitian (Lawyer, Beijing, China)

Gao Qigang (University Professor, Canada)

Ai Ge (Poet/Writer, France)

Ying Qianfong (Freelancer, Zhejiang, China)

Wang Rui (Law Student, Paris, France)

Han Rongli (Artist/Writer, Paris, France)

Hong Yuan (Concerned Citizen, Chongqing, China)

Dan Wang (Student, Sweden)

Wu Chuang (Volunteer, Beijing, China)

Cai Xiaoming (Seminary Student, Australia)

Wang Jian (Concerned Citizen, Sichuan, China)

Du Guji (Student, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China)

Yu Houji (Concerned Citizen, Hong Kong)

Zhang Younan (Concerned Citizen, Jiangsu, China)

Zhang Yi (Student, Zhejiang, China)

Fan Baoping (Concerned Citizen, Wuhan, China)

Shen Zijun (Civil Rights Activist, Gansu, China)

Wu Zhengrong (Civil Rights Activist, South Korea)

Xiao Liechun (Engineer, Shenzhen, China)

Zheng Yi (Author, USA)

Bei Ming (Journalist/Author, USA)

Deng Jun (Concerned Citizen, Jiangsu, China)

Han Guang (Filmmaker, Tokyo, Japan)

Song Maike (Graduate Student, France)

Zhang Cong (University Professor/Christian Citizen, Chongqing, China)

Zhou Xian (Democracy Activist, Hubei, China)

Chen Xiaoping (Law Student, University of Wisconsin, USA)

Jiang Peiling (Freelancer, Shenzhen, China)

Ma Jian (Student, UK)

Sun Ran (Poet, Beijing, China)







签名信箱:[email protected] 签名截至日期为9月27日。


苏晓康  (自由作家,美国德拉沃尔)

张祖桦  (独立学者,中国北京)

温克坚  (自由作家,中国浙江)

王德邦  (人权捍卫者,中国广西)

杨 海   (民间学者,中国陕西)

万延海  (公共卫生专家,现居美国)


沈纯理 (涤尘居专项研究者  中国上海)

刘飞跃 (人权捍卫者  中国湖北)

倪文华 (维权人士  中国山东)

孙文广 (山东大学教授  中国山东)

杨开新 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

雍志明 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

范厚成 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

张鉴康(人权律师  中国陕西)

姚立法(选举专家  中国湖北)

张善光(民运人士  中国湖南)

黎建军(自由撰稿人 中国湖南)

陈 西 (人权捍卫者 中国贵州省)

徐国庆 (人权捍卫者 企业主 中国贵州)

李元龙 (人权捍卫者 作家  中国贵州)

李任科 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

马玲丽  (人权捍卫者   中国贵州)

申有连  (人权捍卫者 独立中文笔会成员 中国贵州省)

曾 宁 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

陈德富 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

全林志 (人权捍卫者 退休教师 中国贵州)

杜和平 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

王玉文 (人权捍卫者  中国云南)

莫建刚 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

廖双元 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

吴玉琴 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

吴 郁 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

黄燕明 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

田祖湘 (人权捍卫者  中国贵州)

车宏年 (自由撰稿人  中国山东)

陈  卫 (维权人士   中国四川)

古  川 (自由撰稿人  中国北京)

陈天石 (基督徒     中国北京)

刘  杰 (上访领袖  中国黑龙江)

王京龙 (基督徒、管理学者 中国北京)

郑大靖 (维权人士  中国湖北)

浦志强 (律师   中国北京)

张建平 (人权捍卫者  中国江苏)

吴华英 (人权捍卫者  中国福建)

李昕艾 (维权公民  中国北京)

欧阳懿 (作家    中国四川)

赵常青 (作家  中国北京)

姜力钧 (维权人士 中国辽宁)

端启宪 (维权人士 中国广西)

黎雄兵 (律师   中国北京)

李金芳 (维权人士 中国北京)

野渡  (作家   中国广东)

张志强 (维权人士  中国北京)

范亚峰(学者   中国北京)

邓太清 (维权人士  中国山西)

周维林 (维权人士  中国安徽)

王荔蕻(维权人士  中国北京)

刘  荻(自由撰稿人  中国北京)

刘沙沙(维权人士  中国北京)

陈青林 (维权人士  中国北京)

王  军(律师  中国北京)

陈书伟 (维权人士  中国广东)

张赞宁(律师  中国南京)

白东平(维权人士  中国北京)

张大军(学者  中国北京)

王光泽(学者  中国北京)

刘京生(维权人士   中国北京)

杨子立(独立撰稿人  中国北京)

张  辉(学者  中国北京)

王  丹 (前八九学生领袖, 美国)

胡  平 (《北京之春》主编,美国)

蒋亶文 (自由作家,中国上海)

陈  龙  (自由作家,中国)

温云超 (网络专家,中国广州)

廖亦武 (作家,著名《底层》系列作者,中国四川)

康正果  (教师,美国)

陈破空 (作家,美国纽约)

冯正虎(中国上海  中国人权活动家)

郝  建(中国北京  北京电影学院教授)

滕  彪(中国北京  中国政法大学教师)

邓焕武(中国重庆 民主人士)

王明 (中国重庆 民主人士)

曾福洪(中国重庆 公民)

穆嘉峪(中国重庆 公民力量)

何  兵(中国重庆 民主人士)

雷元海(中国重庆 民主人士)

李运声(中国重庆 民主人士)

张先痴(中国成都 右派 作家)

陈云飞(中国成都 维权人士)

杨文婷(中国成都 民主人士)

莫之许(原名赵晖  中国北京  网络作家)

李 宇(中国四川德阳 角马俱乐部发起人)

薛飞(中国成都金堂  公民)

冉云飞(中国成都 编辑、作家)

蒲 飞(中国成都 IT工程师)

陆清福(中国成都 右派作家)

陈 兵(中国四川遂宁 民主人士)

冯玉熙(中国四川成都  维权人士)

吴登伟(中国成都  公民)

王大联(中国四川广安 公民)

赵元辉(中国成都  公民)

曾 远(中国成都 民主人士)

李双德(中国成都 维权人士)

枉成明(中国四川泸州 维权人士)

张 明 (中国成都 民主人士)

袁 娟 (中国四川宜宾 维权人士)

卢 刚(中国成都 民主人士)

梁凯旋(中国成都 民主人士)

周志刚(中国四川遂宁  教师)

丁 茅(中国四川 民主人士)

余跃波(四川遂宁  职员)

银  夏(四川遂宁 自由职业者)

田 辉(中国四川遂宁  公民)

罗世模(中国四川自贡 维权人士)

黄小芹(中国上海 公民)

金光鸿(中国北京  律师)

游精佑(中国福建  桥梁工程师、维权人士)

昝爱宗 (中国杭州  独立作家)

王五四  (中国杭州  自由撰稿人)

余怀谦  (中国杭州  大学教授)

费卫东  (中国浙江  自由职业者)

何士林  (中国浙江   企业管理者)

侯多蜀(四川达州  民主人士)

鲁登川(四川达州  民主人士)

范燕琼 (中国福建  维权人士)

林培瑞 Perry Link (Professor, US)

陈奎德 (学者,《纵览中国》网刊主编,美国)

林毓生 (Yu-sheng Lin, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 威斯康辛大學麥迪遜校區歷史系榮譽教授)

Michael Duke (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada)

Josephine Chiu-Duke (丘慧芬) (Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada)

吴占美 (博士, 加拿大温哥华)

王军涛 (哥伦比亚大学博士 纽约)

Sunny Lo (International Trade Consultant, Canada)

张    伦 (学者, 法国)

一  平 (作家 美国)

蔡  楚 (编辑 美国)

蔡淑芳 (公民  香港)

杨建利 (哈佛大学研究员, 美国)


张晓刚(自由撰稿人, 澳洲)

查建英 (自由作家,中国北京)

孟  煌 (画家,德国)

侯芷明(Marie Holzman,汉学家,荣誉骑士勋章knight of the Legion of Honor获得者,法国)

艾晓明 (独立纪录片工作者,中国)

陈  冲 (工程师 中国安徽 )

唐  力 (工程师 美国)

苏元真 (教授 中国浙江)

流沙河 (诗人/作家 中国成都)

吴茂华 (自由撰稿人 中国成都)

李  素 (经济分析师 美国)

许  晖 (自由作家 中国北京)

华  泽 (纪录片导演 中国北京)

胡金洪 (工程师 浙江杭州)

王  尹 (公民 中国重庆)

巩胜利 (经济学者 中国广州)

华  夏 (律师 美国)

谷  溪 (编辑 浙江杭州)

戈建中 (公民 中国江苏)

楚  翌 (维权人士 中国上海)

徐  波 (企业员工 中国云南)

马  萧 (作家 中国北京 )

郭宝锋 (翻译 中国福建)

张经刚 (公民 中国黑龙江)

胡睿宸 (维权人士 中国大庆/美国纽约)

杨  光 (独立学者 中国广西)

阮  杰 (《天安门时报》总编 澳洲)

彭小明 (《欧华导报》编辑 德国)

韩  武 (中国民主党人 泰国)

王玉民 (医生 中国大连)

王有才 (学生 美国伊利诺伊)

赵景洲 (司法难民 中国黑龙江)

郭冬成 (民运人士 瑞典)

陈惠娟 (人权捍卫者 中国哈尔滨)

槟  郎 (自由作家 中国江苏)

陈泱潮 (《特权论》作者 丹麦)

刘  毅 (艺术工作者 中国北京)

郭保胜 (基督徒公义网主编 美国)

洪哲胜 (《民主论坛》主编 美国纽约)

邱国权(工程师 《铁血中共1921—2008》作者)

何军樵 (民主人士,中国湖南)

刘劭夫 (资深民运人士 加拿大)

郭罗基 (哈佛大学法学院资深研究员 美国)

吕  易 (牧师 澳大利亚)

李  娟 (公民 澳大利亚)

赵东明 (公民 澳大利亚)

王长河 (公民 中国湖北)

严家伟 (右派幸存者 中国四川)

蔡咏梅 (开放杂志编辑 香港)

柳叶刀 (自由撰稿人 中国陕西)

李卓熹 (公民 中国湖南长沙)

张  维 (公民 中国广西)

廖志峰  (出版人,台湾台北)

许志永 (中国邮电大学教师,中国北京)

赵达功 (作家 中国深圳)

张津郡 (商人 中国深圳)

刘逸明 (自由撰稿人 中国湖北)

施卫江 (独立学者 美国纽约)

张轶楠 (自由职业 中国辽宁)

王红燕 (公民 中国广东)

陶达士 (学者 中国深圳)

张铭山 (自由撰稿人 中国山东)

单赵子 (独立学者 中国山东)

华春辉 (公民 中国无锡)

王  译  (维权人士 中国河南)

达  尔  (自由撰稿人 新西兰)

陈晓昶 (民主人士 中国宁夏)

刘文生 (公民 中国南京)

朱欣欣 (自由撰稿人 中国石家庄)

王光清 (公民 中国北京)

张琳琳 (设计师 中国北京)

夏业良 (学者 中国北京)

徐高金 (维权人士中国江西)

吴博文 (公民 中国北京)

李  望 (公民 中国江苏)

黄  钟 (自由撰稿人 香港)

周建福 (教师 中国江西)

吴高兴 (自由撰稿人 中国浙江)

陈龙德 (异议人士 中国浙江)

王东海 (异议人士 中国浙江)

赵万敏 (技术人员 中国浙江)

叶文相 (异议人士 中国浙江)

侯丙才 (民主人士 中国北京)

王华庭 (公民 中国昆明)

杜  鹏 (律师 中国河南)

吕  进 (律师 中国河南)

张显杨  学者  北京

丁抒     教师  美国

齊家貞  澳大利亞  自由撰稿人

林明敏  澳大利亞  自由撰稿人

顧明德  澳大利亞  自由撰稿人

吳森成  澳大利亞  自由撰稿人

劉   欣  澳大利亞  律師

阮   杰  澳大利亞  天安門時報總編










莫逢杰(中国民联主席, 洛杉矶)




吾尔开希(流亡民主人士、六四学生领袖, 台湾)

赵  岩(原纽约时报记者、零八宪章首批联署者,美国)


王书君(历史学家, 美国)



孙延(流亡民主人士, 纽约)







汤学武(律师, 美国)













袁缤(IT 专业人士, 纽约)








谢维勤(IT 专业人士, 纽约)



李  波 (公民 中国成都)

杨  峰 (程序员 中国北京)

张永攀 (自由撰稿人 中国北京)

朱  瑞 (作家,加拿大)


黄文军 (公民 中国广东)

于跃波 (公民 中国四川遂宁)

丁  抒 (教师 美国)

王  宁 (记者 新西兰)

韩  华 (民运人士 挪威)

廖子博 (程序员 中国成都)

魏国辉 (自由职业者 中国福建)

王  芳 (基督徒 中国成都)

慕子烟 (自由职业者 中国哈尔滨)

武宜三 (自由撰稿人 香港)

陆自范 (公民 中国浙江)

林  承 (维权人士 中国福建闽候)

林明理 (中学教师 中国浙江)

施卫江 (独立学者 美国纽约)

李怡铃 (学生 中国安徽)

王伟伟 (学生 中国河北)

王可铮 (大学生 中国武汉)

吕洪来 (民主人士 泰国)

彭蔚泓 (基督徒 德国)

Mary Lau MY (HK)

李澤敏 (香港 工程師)

唐吉田 (律师,中国北京)

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