The Future Of Hong Kong

We all know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s shopping mecca. With its busy city streets and night markets to its bustling port and center of commerce, Hong Kong is undeniably one of the ultimate business hubs in Asia. Even before Singapore and South Korea and other Asian cities grew international prominence, there was already Hong Kong. This former British colony became China’s Special Administrative Region in 1997 after the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom. Hong Kong now maintains a separate economic and political system from China under the “One Country, Two Systems,” principle.

The legendary Hong Kong skyline is quite a sight to behold. You’ll never run out of things to do and food to eat. No wonder it is a favorite destination for tourists wanting to satiate their wanderlust. Over the years, other Asian destinations also became popular to Westerners but Hong Kong still remained on top of the list both for wandering tourists and the busy businessmen who frequent its crowded streets. But with economic and political tension in the background, what will be the future like for this renowned destination?

Hong Kong’s