The Threat Of Global Warming

While the rest of humanity is busy polluting and abusing the world’s natural resources, there are actually sensible and responsible individuals who busy themselves with environmental issues like global warming and climate change. This issue is no longer just a concept that scientists talk about themselves but a global reality faced by all. But how much do we really know about this phenomenon? Can we still take more of nature’s wrath or are our previously undertaken initiatives in slowing down its progression now finally paying off?

For decades, scientists and other experts concerned with the state of the environment work hand in hand to gain a better understanding of our planet, the changes that are taking place in it, and what specific human activities contribute to nature’s deterioration. And thanks to them, we know more information now than we did several years back. The extent of the damage may have been a lot now but there is still time to clean up our act as what recent discoveries claim to be.

Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have

Understanding Life On Earth Through A Look In The Ocean

Nature is such a mysterious force. We like to think we know everything about it since we live and breathe it every day but we are actually mistaken. We are often caught off guard by its force every time a major natural calamity strikes but what we fail to realize is that we are big contributors to the changes that are happening in the environment right now. And you do not have to look far for you to see just how much our planet is suffering just so we can continue to live in utter comfort and convenience.

It is perfectly understandable that what we see first and give more importance to are the things that we see on land because it is our home, our safe haven. Yet we forget that the world is actually made up of ¾ water, and with water, it means the ocean. To find out just how badly us humans are treating this planet, head out into the ocean and see the many changes taking place right before your very eyes. It shows signs of human abuse and misuse of the world’s resources and …