Religious Repression In China

The topic of religion has sparked countless debates and even fueled many wars over the centuries. Alliances were either formed or broken because of religious conflicts from one nation to another. And while this no longer comes as a surprise to many, there is no religious freedom among the many citizens of China. We all know what an authoritarian state China is. It means that the government is strict in enforcing stringent rules that most of the time does not make sense to the rest of the world.

With one of the earliest civilizations in the world, China has been through a lot over the years. These three religio-philosophical traditions have endured the most and among the most practiced by the Chinese: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. They also helped shaped the modern Chinese culture we now know. Yet despite the many changes in Chinese society and to the world at large, the Chinese government tries their best to resist these changes, so that every citizen obeys the law and they can rule the land however they please. Many cases of human rights abuse are reported and among them is the …

No Freedom On The Web For The Chinese

The Internet is limitless in a way. You can do so much without having to go far physically. The World Wide Web serves as the portal to unlimited possibilities and you are free to explore it whether for work or for fun. And that is the case for the majority of the people who are free to use the Internet without any limitations. However, that is not the case if you live in China because of the government’s extreme Internet censorship. You don’t have access to lots of content that other Internet users across the world can view on the web.

This totalitarian approach is the Chinese government’s way of limiting Western influence over its people. The Chinese obey their laws no matter how outrageous they may be. They are also stripped of many rights that are otherwise enjoyed by the majority of the people all over the world. If they have free access to the web, they will realize that life in China is not normal and that their human rights have been violated for a long time now. It may trigger dissent and encourage more people to protest …

The Chinese Educational System: Successful Or Failing?

For many people, education is the key to uplifting their lives. This belief is especially true among the poor and the impoverished that lacks material wealth and opportunities. They see education as the tool to open their doors for a better life in the future. And that is true. Educated people have higher chances of landing stable and better-paying jobs. However, competition in the global marketplace is tight and even college graduates struggle in looking for jobs despite having their diplomas.

China is the economy driver in the world for years now. As we all know, a big majority of the goods sold in the market today are made in China. Chinese factories and production lines are sought after by foreign investors, businessmen, and companies because they get to save a lot of money by hiring cheap Chinese laborers. However, things are changing now as the middle class is rising and more and more Chinese families are growing in affluence. And partly, education is responsible for this positive change in the Chinese landscape. However, is too much education depriving young kids of their chance to enjoy their childhood or is …

Why You Should Travel To China In Your Lifetime

The Red Dragon of Asia is not just an emerging superpower because it always has been an influential country throughout time. It is home to one of the earliest civilizations and a culture that is as colorful as its history. For quite some time, China closed its door to the rest of the world and many of us are just discovering what this great nation has to offer. Whether for work or for leisure, China is a great place to live or travel for those who aren’t afraid to cross borders, embrace diversity and be open to all the possibilities.

China’s economy is booming. It is actually one of the strongest in the world with many of the biggest brands and businesses taking their business to Mainland China to enjoy cheaper labor without sacrificing production demands. The Chinese are also leading infrastructure and you won’t recognize China today from what you saw in the movies in the past. Its military force is one you shouldn’t mess around with and one of the most feared despite being practically neighbors to North Korea, which has one of the most vicious nuclear programs …

China’s Economy: Unwavering Despite The Odds

Nothing is permanent in this world except for death and taxes. We all know that. It is a reality we have learned to live with throughout time, from one generation to another. And like everything else that changes over the years, how well or poorly a country’s economy fare is likewise dependent on many factors. And one of the most bustling economies right now is that of China. It has grown considerably over the last few decades and manages to keep everything together even if the economies of other nations have suffered badly.

Basing on the nominal GDP, China is the second largest economy worldwide. And according to the International Monetary Fund, China has the largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Without a doubt, the Chinese have the fastest growing economy the world over. That’s not surprising at all considering how almost everything is made in China nowadays. Indeed, their economy has stood the test of time. The Chinese leaders definitely know what they are doing and other world leaders should learn from these Chinese masters.

Chinese economic data has a bad reputation for accuracy, and it’s

Korean Ads No More In China

For the love of marketing, advertising will remain to be a staple in any market. What better way to reach out to people or let everyone know about a certain product or service through ads (media, print, etc.) that show them how these items can change their lives for the better. These ads have been effective for years in increasing brand recall and boosting sales of many businesses. And the continued advancements in technology gave helped a lot in promoting or growing any brand throughout the world.

But in China, the Chinese government now restricts the hiring of Korean stars in marketing and advertising in China because of a diplomatic dispute. China is implementing a clampdown on Hallyu, the Korean wave of KDrama and KPop, thereby companies operating in China will no longer hire South Korean celebrities in promoting various products or services offered to the Chinese market. It’s all because of the South Korean government’s support on the U.S. missile defense technology that will likewise be carried out on South Korean soil, which is officially known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System or simply THAAD.…

The Truth About Abuse Issues In China

The world is riddled with human rights abuse issues. From highly progressive countries to struggling third world ones, human rights violations are issues people deal with in their day-to-day. Among the most notorious countries that have prevalent cases of human rights abuse is China. While their constitution supports and respects the inherent rights of the Chinese people, the government is doing just the opposite. From their one-child-policy that forced married couples to only have one child (which has been implemented since 1979 but thankfully has been stopped in early 2015) to restrictions on the people’s freedom of speech, the press, Internet, movement, association, religion and even organ harvesting among many others, China has utter disregard for all those and often uses the excuse of “protection of state secrets” or “subversion of state power” in doing so.

As China opened its doors to the rest of the world, China embraced the rule of law in an attempt to establish the modern Chinese court system. But nonetheless, the government still violates many provisions of the Constitution, especially the ones dealing with the human rights of the citizens. Even the judiciary experiences extreme …

The Edge Of Chinese Technology

China is more popularly known as the land of kung-fu, Chinese food, and Confucius. It boasts of an ancient civilization that flourished for centuries and remained resilient against foreign invaders. If the Great Wall of China isn’t testament enough of their courage and determination to defend their country from outsiders then I don’t know what is. But if you look at China today, it shows a delicate balance of their rich history but as well as of their unparalleled mastery of advanced technologies that rules the world today.

Technology is everywhere and we can’t stop them from conquering all aspects of our lives. Most innovators are actually of Western influence but the growing interest and capability of the Asian market to keep up with tech advancements and production only goes to show that not only Westerners dominate this market today. For instance, China is now home to numerous skyscrapers that defy reality. Many Chinese experts have likewise pioneered in advanced medical and commercial technology that is now used all over the planet. China is even ambitious enough to invade the market of military technology which is now dominated by America.…

Asia Hit Hard By Natural Disasters

We are not new to disasters. Wherever you are in the world, you experience your fair share of calamities now and then. For instance, America is riddled with problems like tornado, earthquake, and hurricanes among others. Meanwhile, if there is a continent in the world that experiences almost all types of disasters, then without a doubt it has to be Asia. From earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes to flooding, the lives of Asians are always at risk and their tenacity is always put to the test whenever these disasters strike.

For starters, the “Ring of Fire” is found in Asia. This area in the Pacific Ocean experiences the most number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes each year. So now you know why Japan is always hit the most by powerful tsunamis. Hurricanes and flooding are likewise common phenomena that ordinary Asians also have to deal with, and environmental issues worsen this. Not only are lives lost but properties are damaged because of these strong waters. Recovery is not always easy but most Asian countries strive to move on with their lives, mostly with foreign help.

Last year 574 disasters

Are The Chinese Really Missing Out On Social Media

Social media is all over the web. People from all walks of life enjoy an hour or two of virtually doing nothing but browsing the World Wide Web for leisure. Meanwhile, other people found an opportunity to make money on the web and give them all the more reason to go online daily to earn a living. There is a long list of social networks that abound the web today. It is already hard to keep track since new ones pop up every now and then, but of course, nothing beats the classic and all-time favorites that are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and so on.

However, not everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of these social networks. For instance, the government restricts contents of what an individual can access in China. The Chinese government has actually been jokingly referred to by many as “the great firewall of China” because of the extreme Internet censorship practiced there. They can go as far as blocking sites, restricting access, monitoring your online activity and making it look like you sent something over the web but are actually intercepted by the government …