Students Lead Social Changes

Free speech and democracy have long been enjoyed by the millions of people in the country but it hasn’t always been like that. There was a time when only a handful enjoyed certain privileges while the rest suffered in poverty and slavery. But over time and countless blood, sweat and tears of brave and selfless people, almost equal rights are now enjoyed by all. Take note, almost. While we seem to enjoy most of our human rights nowadays and take for granted the heroic bravery of our forefathers for us to be able to enjoy all these things, there are still a few vulnerable groups in society that don’t get to enjoy all these things like the rest of us.

Students get an education to learn crucial life and professional skills but they also learn about these inequalities and injustices in life. And with their idealistic point of views, it no longer comes as a surprise to see them fighting for various causes and leading up activist groups. The country is quite familiar with student activism and has seen our fair share of peaceful or violent protests in the student’s …

The Threat Of Global Warming

While the rest of humanity is busy polluting and abusing the world’s natural resources, there are actually sensible and responsible individuals who busy themselves with environmental issues like global warming and climate change. This issue is no longer just a concept that scientists talk about themselves but a global reality faced by all. But how much do we really know about this phenomenon? Can we still take more of nature’s wrath or are our previously undertaken initiatives in slowing down its progression now finally paying off?

For decades, scientists and other experts concerned with the state of the environment work hand in hand to gain a better understanding of our planet, the changes that are taking place in it, and what specific human activities contribute to nature’s deterioration. And thanks to them, we know more information now than we did several years back. The extent of the damage may have been a lot now but there is still time to clean up our act as what recent discoveries claim to be.

Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have

Understanding Life On Earth Through A Look In The Ocean

Nature is such a mysterious force. We like to think we know everything about it since we live and breathe it every day but we are actually mistaken. We are often caught off guard by its force every time a major natural calamity strikes but what we fail to realize is that we are big contributors to the changes that are happening in the environment right now. And you do not have to look far for you to see just how much our planet is suffering just so we can continue to live in utter comfort and convenience.

It is perfectly understandable that what we see first and give more importance to are the things that we see on land because it is our home, our safe haven. Yet we forget that the world is actually made up of ¾ water, and with water, it means the ocean. To find out just how badly us humans are treating this planet, head out into the ocean and see the many changes taking place right before your very eyes. It shows signs of human abuse and misuse of the world’s resources and …

Venezuela Turns Down Foreign Aid

Powerful nations like the United States extend a helping hand to struggling third-world nations more often than not. Many of these countries don’t have access to the most basic of services, leaving their citizens impoverished and suffering in times of crisis. At times, it is the government’s fault why the country can’t meet the needs of the people. Poor economic management has led to soaring inflation and an epidemic shortage of food and medicines badly needed by the people.

It’s what happened to the socialist country that is Venezuela even though theirs is a country naturally rich in gold and oil. People die even from the most minor of injuries and medical conditions. Unfortunately, instead of accepting help, the Venezuelan government refuses foreign aid much to the horror of its suffering constituents. And the situation will probably worsen than it already is because the possibility of electing a new leader this coming election won’t likely happen with the stronghold of the current administration that is still currently actively seeking out and persecuting those who protests under the current Maduro administration.

For the last two years Norma Camero Reno has been

The Battleground That Is Syria

We all heard of what happened and is still happening in Syria today. The Syrian civil war has been going on for six years but the end is still not in sight. The government and the rebel forces (now supported or funded by other nations) continue fighting each other and have managed to destroy their homeland. Most of its towns and cities are reduced to rubble and the casualty keeps on rising. The bloodbath has taken the lives of thousands to hundred thousands of innocent Syrian citizens, both young and old.

This all started when a few rebel groups expressed dissent over the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad but the government was adamant in wiping them out. Thus, this war dragged on for so long.  It is disheartening to see young kids dying over chemical warfare and Syrian refugees that are not welcome on many borders. There is no more life in Syria, only bloodbath, and more conflict. Unfortunately, the innocent civilians are the most affected of all as other nations join in on the bombings and deprive them of all hope of ever finding peace again.

 U.S. Ambassador Nikki