Trading With China Gone Amiss

The world is a big place that the majority of us should learn to get along well with others if we don’t want conflict or want things to go in our favor. It’s like a fact of life and something we all observe for the longest time. However, our modern world is full of complexities that have made communicating with one another a bit more difficult. It is a must since we trade with the world at large. However, humans are just as complex as the world we live in. Or rather, human relations. The US and China are undeniably the biggest and strongest economies in the world today yet the two haven’t always seen each other eye-to-eye. Their many disparities are the reason why the two are facing another major rift that will likely impact the world at large.

Under President Trump’s leadership, relations between the two countries did not improve but actually worsened over the past year. The world is not new to the US president’s unusual behavior and his way with words as we have witnessed how he led his personal life in the past and …

On The Verge Of A Major Trade War

Achieving some sort of balance has always been mankind’s goal but it seems it borders next to impossible as the world had always been on some sort of unrest but civilized enough to let society function somehow normal. More often than not, it has always been powerful countries involved as has been the case in human history. The weaker ones get conquered by the stronger nations. Yet despite our modern advancements and most agreed-upon pacts an agreements among one another, conflict may still arise and trigger a modern-day trade war, in this case, between powerhouse nations, the US and China.

President Donald Trump has quite a flamboyant personality and his antics often scream he is up to no good but it is a different story now that he is the highest elected official in the land of Uncle Sam. His words and decisions not only affect American citizens but most likely the rest of the world too as world trade is a crucial concept that makes the world go round and if issues arise, it may have a drastic impact to the economy of various nations across the globe. …

The Future Of Hong Kong

We all know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s shopping mecca. With its busy city streets and night markets to its bustling port and center of commerce, Hong Kong is undeniably one of the ultimate business hubs in Asia. Even before Singapore and South Korea and other Asian cities grew international prominence, there was already Hong Kong. This former British colony became China’s Special Administrative Region in 1997 after the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom. Hong Kong now maintains a separate economic and political system from China under the “One Country, Two Systems,” principle.

The legendary Hong Kong skyline is quite a sight to behold. You’ll never run out of things to do and food to eat. No wonder it is a favorite destination for tourists wanting to satiate their wanderlust. Over the years, other Asian destinations also became popular to Westerners but Hong Kong still remained on top of the list both for wandering tourists and the busy businessmen who frequent its crowded streets. But with economic and political tension in the background, what will be the future like for this renowned destination?

Hong Kong’s

Chinese Economy On The Rise

It is no longer unknown to many what an emerging superpower China has become, not only to Asia but to the whole world. The Chinese economy is on an upward momentum and is only the beginning of many more good things to come for China. Even Western countries are surprised at how steadily China’s economy kept on going up without showing signs of ever slowing down.

Many of the world’s economies suffered badly over the last few years. The United States is not an exception. The U.S. itself suffered badly from the last recession and is still recovering. While how the U.S. economy will fare is still a mystery to everyone as doubts about Trump’s capability in leading the country to greatness fills the minds of many and his first few policies continue to divide the country, China is stronger than ever and has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

China’s economy stormed back in the first quarter, clocking its first back-to-back acceleration in seven years and bolstering the global growth outlook just as signs of subdued consumer spending have surfaced in the U.S.

The Chinese economy accelerated to a better-than-expected 6.9 per

The Chinese Educational System: Successful Or Failing?

For many people, education is the key to uplifting their lives. This belief is especially true among the poor and the impoverished that lacks material wealth and opportunities. They see education as the tool to open their doors for a better life in the future. And that is true. Educated people have higher chances of landing stable and better-paying jobs. However, competition in the global marketplace is tight and even college graduates struggle in looking for jobs despite having their diplomas.

China is the economy driver in the world for years now. As we all know, a big majority of the goods sold in the market today are made in China. Chinese factories and production lines are sought after by foreign investors, businessmen, and companies because they get to save a lot of money by hiring cheap Chinese laborers. However, things are changing now as the middle class is rising and more and more Chinese families are growing in affluence. And partly, education is responsible for this positive change in the Chinese landscape. However, is too much education depriving young kids of their chance to enjoy their childhood or is …

China’s Economy: Unwavering Despite The Odds

Nothing is permanent in this world except for death and taxes. We all know that. It is a reality we have learned to live with throughout time, from one generation to another. And like everything else that changes over the years, how well or poorly a country’s economy fare is likewise dependent on many factors. And one of the most bustling economies right now is that of China. It has grown considerably over the last few decades and manages to keep everything together even if the economies of other nations have suffered badly.

Basing on the nominal GDP, China is the second largest economy worldwide. And according to the International Monetary Fund, China has the largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Without a doubt, the Chinese have the fastest growing economy the world over. That’s not surprising at all considering how almost everything is made in China nowadays. Indeed, their economy has stood the test of time. The Chinese leaders definitely know what they are doing and other world leaders should learn from these Chinese masters.

Chinese economic data has a bad reputation for accuracy, and it’s

Asian Businesses Struggle To Keep Business Afloat

Business trends wax and wanes over time. Even though your business is a household staple, you can still experience a reduction in revenue for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons why businesses declare bankruptcy is because they fail to stay relevant in a world that is increasingly becoming globally competitive. Global issues can mess with the global economy and likewise have a domino effect on various businesses in the market.

Asian businesses even suffer from issues affecting western soil and that’s more than half of the planet’s population struggling financially. Political instability, social unrest, infrastructure issues and economic stagnation are just a few of the challenges faced by the Asian market and can determine whether Asia remain prosperous or not.

Singapore shares slid further on Wednesday (May 17) as markets in Asia tumbled on worries over political issues in the United States.

The benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) shed 3.61 points, or 0.11 per cent, to 3,224.10. A total of 1.35 billion shares worth $1.23 billion exchanged hands across the bourse.

Data that showed non-oil domestic exports (Nodx) here dipped 0.7 per cent in April did

China’s Economy At A Standstill

The Asian market, in general, is in an economic slump. While the controversial stand and policies of US President Trump is partly to blame for this, the long-standing issues of poverty, corruption, calamities and many others have long been factors as to how the Asian market fares in the global market. And one of the most formidable markets in Asia is that of China. No other nation can beat China’s achievements and influence to the entire world. After all, almost everything is made in China, right?

However, the market is volatile. Everybody knows that. Sometimes the market is doing well and other times it does not. China isn’t exempted from this economic trend and likewise, has its fair share of ups and downs over the years. Even though the China’s economy is the second largest the world over, certain triggers can make it crash with little warning.

Benchmark equity indices in mainland China and Hong Kong closed higher on Monday as resurgent hopes for a significant public stimulus boost captured investors’ attention more than did the release of a batch of poor activity and spending data.

Weakness was evident

The Chinese Government Tackles The Nation’s Unemployment Problem

China is one of the biggest countries on the planet and home to the most number of people too. With a growing population and dwindling resources, lots of problems are coming out in the open requiring the government’s attention. The Chinese government is more than just strict. They ensure that laws are observed and the people refrain from complaining. As if censoring most contents available on the web is not enough to curtailing their rights, various cases of human rights abuse are also rampant but only a few go out in the streets to protest.

We may think of the Chinese economy as bustling and flourishing and in many ways it is true. However, we also have to remember that there are more Chinese than any other nationality so ensuring that everyone has work (whether in the private or public sector) isn’t an easy job. Even though there are many companies with factories or offshore offices in China, it’s highly doubtful that it can manage to employ all the working Chinese population. Even translators as a profession have been limited. Hence, the Chinese government has to pick up its pace …