Asia Hit Hard By Natural Disasters

We are not new to disasters. Wherever you are in the world, you experience your fair share of calamities now and then. For instance, America is riddled with problems like tornado, earthquake, and hurricanes among others. Meanwhile, if there is a continent in the world that experiences almost all types of disasters, then without a doubt it has to be Asia. From earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes to flooding, the lives of Asians are always at risk and their tenacity is always put to the test whenever these disasters strike.

For starters, the “Ring of Fire” is found in Asia. This area in the Pacific Ocean experiences the most number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes each year. So now you know why Japan is always hit the most by powerful tsunamis. Hurricanes and flooding are likewise common phenomena that ordinary Asians also have to deal with, and environmental issues worsen this. Not only are lives lost but properties are damaged because of these strong waters. Recovery is not always easy but most Asian countries strive to move on with their lives, mostly with foreign help.

Last year 574 disasters