The Arts As A Personal Outlet

We all know that artists are humans too with human emotions and sensibilities. It is just that they are blessed with extraordinary God-given talents that are above average and may even border on the genius side. Throughout recorded history, we have seen various artworks and art pieces made by numerous artists with different tastes and style and approach to the arts. Their masterpieces have their own personal touch and often depicts the artist’s emotions or a grasp of a moment in history that is forever saved in these works of art.

Artists consider their work as their personal outlet where they are free to express their pent-up feelings and what they think about everything that is happening around them. Over the years, many of the popular art pieces that are gracing art galleries today tell a story that not everybody wants to hear because the truth hurts, after all. But not everyone is limited by societal expectations and may be quite brazen in their handiwork. And such a situation happened recently that shows everyone what the arts should be all about, without fear of censorship at all. But despite their …

Data Recovery In The Wake Of A Natural Calamity

Today’s digital world mainly relies on technology in making the world go round. Any disruptions like blackouts or natural calamities are sure to set everyone in a crazed frenzy as they try to compose and figure out how to function/exist without their handy tech gadgets. But as you already know by now, climate change is already our reality and it has intensified the majority of the natural phenomenon we experience today. Warm weather is unbearably hot and the cold winter months extra cooler. Typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. have likewise become more deadly. But what happens to us when these calamities strike and not only is our home destroyed but our precious properties too?

It is quite challenging to recover from hurricanes, for instance, as flooding is a big threat to the integrity of most of your tech devices. Computers are sensitive and data can be easily wiped out if not secured out of harm’s way. And considering the amount of data we use that are now in digital format, it is a big problem (and headache) once we lose access to the files stored in these devices in the …

Is Alternative Medicine Effective In Battling Cancer?

Back in the days, everyone feared the “C” word. It has been synonymous with despair, the end, and death. Even today, many still fear the word cancer. It has a certain ring to it that spells disaster, a terrible tragedy, a life & death situation and no cure. Well, in a lot of ways, it is true about cancer. However, many have also been in remission over the years. Some lived longer than ten years or even more without compromising the quality of their lives.

Conventional cancer treatment involves chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There are other options although these three tops the list. While often effective especially when the diagnosis is made early on, these treatments have major flaws. For instance, chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells but even healthy ones too not to mention the awful side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs like severe nausea and vomiting and alopecia. It is perhaps also the reason why cancer patients and their families seek other forms of treatment that may be just as effective and definitely the lesser of two evils. Now for all medical organizations, and even Dental organizations, the …

The Future Of Hong Kong

We all know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s shopping mecca. With its busy city streets and night markets to its bustling port and center of commerce, Hong Kong is undeniably one of the ultimate business hubs in Asia. Even before Singapore and South Korea and other Asian cities grew international prominence, there was already Hong Kong. This former British colony became China’s Special Administrative Region in 1997 after the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom. Hong Kong now maintains a separate economic and political system from China under the “One Country, Two Systems,” principle.

The legendary Hong Kong skyline is quite a sight to behold. You’ll never run out of things to do and food to eat. No wonder it is a favorite destination for tourists wanting to satiate their wanderlust. Over the years, other Asian destinations also became popular to Westerners but Hong Kong still remained on top of the list both for wandering tourists and the busy businessmen who frequent its crowded streets. But with economic and political tension in the background, what will be the future like for this renowned destination?

Hong Kong’s

Cheap Chinese Labor, Anyone?

Businesses are booming on a global scale. Even with traditional business, you can sell your goods or offer your services to virtually everyone on the World Wide Web. The growing capitalist economy did an excellent job in conditioning the minds of the people to desire more material things in their lives, which drives the economy even further. While traditional economic principles explain the law of supply and demand, the new breed of entrepreneurs totally changed the landscape by creating demand for things and services that used to be not a necessity in people’s lives.

So, you get big markets for almost everything under the sun: towels and bedding, furniture and appliances, heck, even water pipes and bongs. Meanwhile, the advent of technology brings about a wave of tech gadgets for your every need. The most recent favorite are smart gadgets that not only look sleek and fancy but can do multiple things all at once using just one gadget. They also serve as portals to the web. You no longer need bulky computers or laptops to access the World Wide Web. And with this newfound freedom comes a new …

No Sleep Can Break A Relationship

We all know how it feels when we are lacking in sleep. It resembles the feeling when you are hungry, which makes you hangry = hungry + angry. You’re not just easily annoyed but feel really upset too because you do not function at your best when you are sleep deprived. It is already an issue when you are still single and don’t sleep with anyone yet but it takes on a different meaning once you have a partner or are already married.

Sleep is crucial to married couples as much as their sex life and finances are. And since there is someone else sleeping beside you at night, another person will notice all your little quirks and habits and it’s even worse if you are snoring. Snoring is a symptom of a deadly condition known as sleep apnea in itself knowing that there are countless breathing pauses in your sleep but imagine if you are the unfortunate person to sleep beside a snoring individual. While you worry about your spouse or partner’s health and well-being, you can’t help but think about yours too. The snoring sound lingers in your …

Internet Censorship In China

China is a global behemoth in the modern world. It is one of the biggest nations in the world with the highest population and one of the strongest economies today. Their military force is one of the strongest as well, with numerous skilled soldiers equipped with the most advanced equipment and munitions. It seems that China has it all. And perhaps it does. The nation is also blessed with a rich history, culture, and the arts along with some breathtaking scenery both natural and man-made.

However, they may be just smokescreens to more pressing yet seldom talked about issues regarding real life in China. Chinese citizens do not enjoy many rights and they have no choice but to obey everything the government says or risk persecution. Life isn’t easy for the ordinary Chinese who not only has to deal with constant human right abuses from people in authority but likewise live in poverty in densely populated and polluted cities. But while their conditions are poor and human right abuses are the norm, they seldom complain because that’s just their way of life. After all, they know so little about …

China: Emerging Travel Hub In Asia

The world is getting smaller and smaller as the days go by. This is all due to technology and the power of the Internet. You’d often see photos and videos of various to-die-for places on social media and some even have corresponding budget travel packages for people who’d rather take the journey and make more happy memories in life than watch people live their lives to the fullest on the sidelines. And with the help of the web, ordinary tourists can make their way on various travels without ever needing professional help from travel agents.

And if there is a country worthy of being on anyone’s travel list, it has to be China. With a vast land area and numerous attractions to visit, you’ll never run out of ideas when traveling there. The Chinese economy is flourishing and it’s not just about making money on traditional industries, a lot of the money pouring into China also comes from tourism, both local and foreign tourists.

Airbnb may have stumbled slightly last week when it rolled out its new strategy for conquering the Chinese market – which included a doubling of its

China In Growing Conflict With North Korea

What used to be allies may soon be fast enemies. China and North Korea have been diplomatic allies for decades. They share the same uptight quality most Chinese and North Korean people possess and both have been a mystery to the world for a long time, although China stepped out of the dark and into the light and opened its doors to the rest of the world for quite some time now. Meanwhile, North Korea remains to be out of touch with reality and so little is known about what really goes on in this tiny yet proud nation.

However, not all good things last. China and North Korea may have enjoyed a friendly relationship in the past but that is gradually changing as China is increasingly worried about North Korea’s active and highly dangerous missile program. China is more vocal now about their concerns and this has not escaped the attention of the public. But the gradual severing of ties that is happening now between these two nations isn’t something new but actually started in 1992 when China established diplomatic relations with the home of the KWave, KPop and …

How Terrorism Affects Travel

The world is a big place that you lose a lot of opportunities in learning a new place, language, and culture by just staying in one place for the rest of your life. The love for travel is made more popular these days thru social media. The web is a great place to see different places that it ignites a deep yearning in you to go out there and see the big wide world for real.

There are many beautiful and amazing natural attractions in different parts of the globe. The biggest challenge here is money. Of course, you pay for airfare, food, and accommodation. Even backpackers shell out a small amount to get from one place to another. After all, almost everything has a price now that you can seldom avail of anything for free. Another major issue that affects travel today is the threat of terrorism. Terror acts happen everywhere it’s difficult to tell where they will strike next. It’s a major consideration when you plan for your next travel getaway although some aren’t deterred by these travel alerts or bans at all.

Many airlines have suspended