No Sleep Can Break A Relationship

We all know how it feels when we are lacking in sleep. It resembles the feeling when you are hungry, which makes you hangry = hungry + angry. You’re not just easily annoyed but feel really upset too because you do not function at your best when you are sleep deprived. It is already an issue when you are still single and don’t sleep with anyone yet but it takes on a different meaning once you have a partner or are already married.

Sleep is crucial to married couples as much as their sex life and finances are. And since there is someone else sleeping beside you at night, another person will notice all your little quirks and habits and it’s even worse if you are snoring. Snoring is a symptom of a deadly condition known as sleep apnea in itself knowing that there are countless breathing pauses in your sleep but imagine if you are the unfortunate person to sleep beside a snoring individual. While you worry about your spouse or partner’s health and well-being, you can’t help but think about yours too. The snoring sound lingers in your ear and drifting off the sleep seems like an impossible task each night and you dread going to bed once nighttime falls.

Sleep deprivation can put a major strain on your relationship that may cause you to have hostile fights with your significant other. On top of that, lack of sleep—the goal is seven to nine hours a night for adults—can cause depleted alertness, impaired memory, moodiness, and a poor quality of life, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, depression, premature wrinkling, and a lower sex drive, says the Cleveland Clinic. Seems like a solid list of reasons to keep anything, let alone a snoring bunkmate, stand between you and ample beauty rest, right?

Because snorers tend to sleep just fine despite the sounds they’re making, they don’t necessarily experience the health effects their REM-deprived partners do, which is why the dozing musicians might not see it as a problem at first. But whether you’re the snorer or the one rocking earplugs, there are some things that can be done to help with the problem.


It’s not just a complaint voiced out by partners of snorers but studies have proven how disastrous relationships have ended because of this annoying sound. Life has been such a drag so far with wars here and there, natural calamities hitting different places in the globe with such a force, rising commodity prices, etc., the last thing a person wants to do is stay up all night tossing and turning because they can’t ignore the snoring sound their partner makes. Some who can’t take it anymore leads to break ups and separations while some try unconventional sleeping arrangements like sleeping in different rooms just to stay sane and not hate their partner just as much without losing their precious sleep.

Snoring, overactive sleepers, different temperature preferences or opposite sleep/wake times can ruin a partner’s rest, Phyllis Zee, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, told The Huffington Post.

And while bed sharing does help build emotional comfort and closeness that benefits relationships, sleeping side-by-side is not the only way to achieve that, Zee said. (Couples who sleep apart can try a morning or nighttime routine for cuddling and sex, she added.) 

“Getting good quality sleep is important for relationships ― bed-sharing or not,” she said. “It’s a personal decision, not necessarily a sign of marital problems.”


It may be a novel concept for couples but it has worked for some and saved many relationships as well. After all, it is better to sacrifice the cuddling and embrace of your special someone at night than leaving them for good. Give it a try if you have a partner that snores. Of course, it is important to get him/her checked but it may be helpful as well to consider this tip rather than let the snoring become a problem in your relationship. Remember that we are human beings with needs that must be met. We get sick if we don’t get cranky first if these needs aren’t met such as sleeping and eating. So, spare your relationship all the troubles and either get that snoring checked or move out to the spare room in your house right now.

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