Why You Should Travel To China In Your Lifetime

The Red Dragon of Asia is not just an emerging superpower because it always has been an influential country throughout time. It is home to one of the earliest civilizations and a culture that is as colorful as its history. For quite some time, China closed its door to the rest of the world and many of us are just discovering what this great nation has to offer. Whether for work or for leisure, China is a great place to live or travel for those who aren’t afraid to cross borders, embrace diversity and be open to all the possibilities.

China’s economy is booming. It is actually one of the strongest in the world with many of the biggest brands and businesses taking their business to Mainland China to enjoy cheaper labor without sacrificing production demands. The Chinese are also leading infrastructure and you won’t recognize China today from what you saw in the movies in the past. Its military force is one you shouldn’t mess around with and one of the most feared despite being practically neighbors to North Korea, which has one of the most vicious nuclear programs on the planet. If you aren’t scared to go to far away places, now is the best time to explore this nation with one of the largest land mass in the world.

Malaysian interest in travelling to China is on the rise, according to a recent joint research from Google and Malaysia Airlines which zooms in on consumer travel behaviour.

According to the study, searches on Google for flights to China are up 24% year on year worldwide, outpacing the growth for flights to popular tourism destinations such as France and Australia. China has also been as a key growth area for Malaysia Airlines following the launch of 11 new routes and 35 new services planned for the year.

According to Arved von zur Muehlen, chief commercial officer at Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB), there is huge potential for tourism between the two countries with the “shared roots in culture and language”.

“Today just 4% of the Chinese population has a passport but this is expected to increase to 12% in 10 years. This will create another 150 million potential visitors to Malaysia,” Muehlen added. According to Google and MAB, Malaysians are researching travel to China more. This includes comparing prices and products for increasingly popular travel destinations such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

“Searches from Malaysians for flight tickets to China grew 46% year on year. This growth in interest is on par with interest from the United States, with the highest volume of searches for travel to China,” the press statement read.

(Via: http://www.marketing-interactive.com/research-from-google-finds-malaysians-interest-in-travel-to-china-on-the-rise/)

Not only foreign Western tourists have increasing interests to travel to China but even local Asian tourists from neighboring countries as well. As the average income of most people increases, they have more spending power not only in providing for their needs but even in indulging to their desires like traveling for example. Moreover, the Internet made it easier for ordinary citizens to navigate foreign places and make the necessary arrangements for travel, which is not only more convenient but became more affordable too.

The newest major travel trade show is about to hit the shores of Shanghai in May 2017. It’s expected to be a big hit for both suppliers and buyers from around the world. Finally giving China a well-deserved, central place in the world for the travel industry and an excellent opportunity to do business with Chinese companies.

As one of the fastest growing B2B travel companies, Travellanda has always been keen to extend its reach into new markets, ever since its inception in 2010. When the company first discovered there was going to be an ITB exhibition in China, it jumped at the chance to exhibit.

Travellanda reported that in the past 12 months, China became the top source country for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This is due to agreements with leading Chinese online companies and its investment in the Chinese market with the focus on marketing, product, sales activities and the hiring of Chinese speaking staff. APAC grew over 90% in the fiscal year end 31 March 2017 and China has been a great contributor of that spectacular achievement.

(Via: http://www.traveldailymedia.com/248833/fast-growing-travel-company-goes-to-china/)

So, what are you all waiting for? Make the necessary arrangements and pack your bags as you head to one of the most culturally-rich countries in this world – the home of the Forbidden City, pandas, Feng Shui, samurai and the world-renowned Great Wall of China among many others. China is no longer just an ancient country but a bustling modern nation with so many things to do and explore, so you can be sure you won’t run out of something unique and exciting to do within the walled city no matter what your interests are. And with the help of the web, you can definitely make the most of your vacation to this Asian superpower without so much of a fuss.

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