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China is more popularly known as the land of kung-fu, Chinese food, and Confucius. It boasts of an ancient civilization that flourished for centuries and remained resilient against foreign invaders. If the Great Wall of China isn’t testament enough of their courage and determination to defend their country from outsiders then I don’t know what is. But if you look at China today, it shows a delicate balance of their rich history but as well as of their unparalleled mastery of advanced technologies that rules the world today.

Technology is everywhere and we can’t stop them from conquering all aspects of our lives. Most innovators are actually of Western influence but the growing interest and capability of the Asian market to keep up with tech advancements and production only goes to show that not only Westerners dominate this market today. For instance, China is now home to numerous skyscrapers that defy reality. Many Chinese experts have likewise pioneered in advanced medical and commercial technology that is now used all over the planet. China is even ambitious enough to invade the market of military technology which is now dominated by America.

China is investing in Silicon Valley start-ups with military applications at such a rapid rate that the United States government needs tougher controls to stem the transfer of some of America’s most promising technologies, a Pentagon report says.

There are few restrictions on investing in American start-ups that focus on artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and robotics, the report contends, and China has taken advantage. Beijing, the report says, is encouraging its companies to invest for the purpose of pushing the country ahead in its strategic competition with the United States.

In some instances, Chinese companies have made under-the-radar investments intended to dodge the oversight of a government agency, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, known as Cfius.

“If we allow China access to these same technologies concurrently, then not only may we lose our technological superiority, but we may even be facilitating China’s technological superiority,” the report says.

Such concerns show that China is looming in America’s rearview mirror after a decades-long campaign by Beijing to close the technological gap between the two countries. Although the race is often cast in an economic light, the Pentagon report underlines the national security threat.


The new breed of Chinese tech geniuses would put any geek nerd from Silicon Valley to shame. They are bringing in their A-game strong and the Chinese government is all out support for it. Even if theirs is the strongest economy in the world, they don’t settle for that when they can aspire for even more. And with over a billion Chinese in population, it won’t be hard to find some rare talent out there in the land of the Red Dragon of Asia.

Robots in China are already sorting packages and helping to teach children, but now they are also managing the country’s notorious traffic.

Shenzhen traffic police has debuted a new “lane robot” – the first of its kind in the country – according to the Guangzhou Daily.

The technology used at Shennan Road, the city’s major east-west thoroughfare, helps administer “reversible lanes” where the direction of traffic can be switched around depending on the conditions such as rush-hour periods.

And the Chinese aren’t afraid of thinking out of the box solutions to the most mundane of problems. Only in China can you see robots managing the traffic. Well, we have traffic lights that do the work for us but the technology is eons away from these phenomenal lane robots.

The new “lane robot” reduces the workload on police as it can move between lanes to alter the flow of traffic in less than a minute.

During the trial run of the technology, the speed and flow of traffic was greatly improved, the newspaper reported. The morning rush hour ended at about 9am, compared with the usual 10am.


China isn’t afraid of defying the norm and in innovating even more outrageous and advanced technologies that take the world by surprise. You can see it in their infrastructure, buildings, and many other technologies used in our day-to-day. It is China’s goal is to lead in science and innovation this 21st century and compete with many Western Nations in developing advanced technologies that can hopefully make the world a better place. It is no longer surprising that China makes artificial islands on contested territories because they actually have bigger plans looming in the horizon. They even plan on setting a moon base for military purposes. It might sound outrageous now but let’s just wait and see until they make it happen.

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