The Superpower That Is China

The People’s Republic of China is not only just an emerging superpower in our modern world but has always been a force to reckon with. Among the earliest world civilizations to flourish were that of the Chinese. From one dynasty to the other, the Chinese civilization is as colorful as its history. Even today, China is a good example of a country rich in culture and the arts but never backs down in the face of technology and modern advancements. When you look around you today, many of the things around us are proudly made in China.

Like most nations, China is made of the executive, legislative, judiciary and military branches. The president, state council, and the National People’s Congress (NPC) are the primary seats of power in both the executive and legislative branches consecutively. The Paramount leader holds the highest office. Xi Jinping is the current paramount leader who is likewise the President (who serves a five-year term), the Chairman of the Central Military Commission and the General Secretary of the Communist Party. The National People’s Congress is the sole legislative body. The Central Military Commission heads the People’s Liberation Army and is the supreme military policy-making body in China. Meanwhile, the highest court in the Chinese Judicial System is the Supreme People’s Court.

China’s President Xi Jinping sees extravagance and corruption as an existential threat to the party, whose authority is in part predicated on its ability to spread the gains of China’s growth fairly among the Chinese people.

His ongoing crackdown on corruption has moved in recent months away from the high profile officials to weeding out daily corruption at the grassroots, making almost anyone a potential target.

“Officials at deputy county level or above are required to report information, including their marital status, overseas travel, criminal records, wages and other earnings, family properties, stocks, funds, insurance and other investment,” the official Xinhua news agency reported late on Wednesday.

The rules, jointly issued by the General Office of the party’s Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council, China’s cabinet, would be accompanied by random audits, increased in frequency to one in 10 reports, Xinhua said.


Like in everything else, the Chinese government is determined in wiping out corruption in its ranks, from the highest officials to ordinary employees. Even the healthcare industry is being scrutinized by outside medical standards groups.Virtually nobody is safe from this crackdown and with a nation as big and as wealthy as China, this measure is but imperative to ensure transparency in the government and gain the trust and respect of the people and of the world.

China’s government plans to create an economic zone that it hopes will become a center for technology.

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently announced plans for the project. It would turn a huge underdeveloped area southwest of Beijing into a modern and technologically advanced zone.

The Xiongan New Area will be about three times the size of New York City when completed. It is expected to become like Shenzhen — a modern, high-tech city that acts as a bridge between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Xi said that the zone will create growth for places like Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

China’s North has long been less of an economic force and innovator than the south. But now, officials are trying to reshape the capital to create new models of growth.


The Chinese government mostly always had their acts together. From major and ambitious developments within China to the power and authority it exudes in the international arena, many nations are wary of China because it is one superpower you don’t want to mess around with. The Chinese government knew that for them to be able to take over the world, they would have to first take good care of things within their backyard first and improve all aspects of governance, the military, business, and infrastructure and so on. Even though China was unheard of in the global scene several decades ago, it managed to gradually make its presence felt the world over and now there is no stopping the superpower that is China.

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