The Battleground That Is Syria

We all heard of what happened and is still happening in Syria today. The Syrian civil war has been going on for six years but the end is still not in sight. The government and the rebel forces (now supported or funded by other nations) continue fighting each other and have managed to destroy their homeland. Most of its towns and cities are reduced to rubble and the casualty keeps on rising. The bloodbath has taken the lives of thousands to hundred thousands of innocent Syrian citizens, both young and old.

This all started when a few rebel groups expressed dissent over the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad but the government was adamant in wiping them out. Thus, this war dragged on for so long.  It is disheartening to see young kids dying over chemical warfare and Syrian refugees that are not welcome on many borders. There is no more life in Syria, only bloodbath, and more conflict. Unfortunately, the innocent civilians are the most affected of all as other nations join in on the bombings and deprive them of all hope of ever finding peace again.

 U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday that human rights violations have triggered conflict in Syria, stifled dissent in Burundi and led to repression in Myanmar — and the next international crisis could come from North Korea, Iran or Cuba where human rights are widely disregarded.

But Russia and China disputed her contention that human rights violations are a main driver of conflicts. And Human Rights Watch questioned the Trump administration’s decision to focus on human rights at the U.N. Security Council in light of its own actions.

The United States holds the U.N. Security Council presidency this month and Haley was determined to hold a meeting to focus on the importance of human rights to international peace and security. It took place Tuesday after the U.S. addressed a key objection from Russia, China and other council members, and was the first meeting solely on human rights.


Who would’ve thought this armed conflict will persist for as long it does now. People all over the world are actually clueless on the real reason for this war but we witness the destruction and havoc it caused most especially on all the lives that were lost and will still be lost as the war continues to drag on and on and on.

Evacuations from two government-held areas of Syria have resumed, monitors and reports say, days after an attack on a convoy carrying evacuees killed 126 people, many of them children.

Some 3,000 people have left the north-western villages of Foah and Kefraya, which have been surrounded by rebels.

Meanwhile, buses have moved dozens of others from Zabadani, near Damascus, under siege by pro-government forces.

Security has been tight after Saturday’s attack near Aleppo.

The evacuations resumed early on Wednesday, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.

At the Rashidin checkpoint, where the handover of evacuees was due to take place, buses were being carefully searched after the bombing there, an AFP correspondent at the scene reported.

Several dozen armed rebel fighters stood guard near the convoy.


But how can we help those poor Syrian refugees and civilians? Do we really have the power to make a difference in their lives? Is sharing horrific videos and photos of the battleground that is their home enough to raise awareness and mobilize the help and support they so desperately need? Don’t they have human rights anymore? What about the children? Why is it that they lost all semblance of normalcy (along with their rights) when the war broke?

Wars are never a good topic for just about everyone. The bloodshed and destruction are just too much for this modern world of ours. How can people be so consumed by rage in a world full of smart gadgets and social media? Are their causes that important, enough for them to disregard the rights of many and never reach a truce? Today, other nations have pledged their support either for the government or for the rebels. But what we are all hoping for is for this war that has taken so many lives and cost so much destruction to finally come to an end, so peace and life return in the war-torn nation that is battleground Syria.

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